Schools on the Costa del Sol

Who we are

We are a team of business women, who have moved around the world, including the Middle East, Latin America and Europe, with an in-depth understanding of the complexities of settling into a new country. We are all mothers, who have also had to settle into new schools and new environments. 

Alexandra Nery, our Director, is married with two children, was born in Marbella, Spain and attended primary school in Spain on the Costa del Sol and two boarding schools in the UK, both in Oxfordshire, the first at the age of 11. Marbella is still her home and over the pandemic she has returned with her husband and two children where she has partnered with educational institutions, couples and families to support them through the many choices and decision that are required stages in life with regards towards Education, Development and Relocation. She is trained and certified as a professional coach, holds a BA in Spanish and Latin American studies and a BSc in Psychology both with Honours and will be completing her MSc in Mental Health. In addition, she has completed The Science of Wellbeing from Yale and Everyday Parenting : the ABCs of child rearing.

Over the years Alexandra began to notice the need for and the importance of the right help and support at a time of change or when decisions need to be taken. When the right support is in place, the transition is a happier and smoother one for the individual and collectively. Having personally experienced the positive impact that professional and impartial guidance can have at these pivotal moments, Alexandra and her team have decided to dedicated themselves to supporting, parents, children and families through these transitory and important stages.

Finally, she has now partnered with the Health Psychologist Pedro Heredia bringing to the educational table, Bite-Size workshops for students, parents and Staff to be able to support them through the different walks of life called W101.
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