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Our Services

It is important to nourish and support families and their children. We are all individuals and have a right to live our life the best way we see fit, individually or collectively as we can not run away from ourselves.

My service is to maximise this through all the tools, empathy and knowledge that I have, and that I continue to learn, to be able support individuals and families reach their full potential. I can do this through many different shapes and forms ; it may it be through supporting your child towards the right education, let this be through choosing a school or university or summer course. It may be through a coaching session that is aimed to provide you clarity on the task at hand or situation you are facing or it may be through a bite size workshop tailored to your specific need.

The different services I offer are listed below, please take a look and get in touch when you are ready, no rush and no pressure.

Educational guidance

Taking into account the childs strengths, passions and interests and supporting them through their education. Later offering a range of appropriate educational routes towards IB/GCSE/A levels

Seasonal courses

Most children will benefit from a seasonal course, which can help them shape their perception for what their future will look like should they embark on a particular educational path. I will advise you on best available options taking into account all the important aspects of your and your child’s situation.

University selection

My experience and understanding of local and international educational systems and establishments will help your child make the right choice when selecting higher education whether at home or abroad. 

Personal Coaching

Coaching is vast, however with my experience I can and will narrow the areas and provide you or your child with the correct tools for you to use and apply when needed. With my support, helping yourself understand the situation.

Transitional coaching

If you and the family have moved countries or schools, or your family situation has changed you could be facing many changes and feelings. Transitional coaching will help those who are going through changes in their life.


Bite size workshops aiming at supplying your child or family with coping tools that will maximise their potential.

Workshop details

Alongside the Psychologist Pedro Heredia, we are currently working hard on W101. Theses workshops are aimed for educational institutions, children and parents and cover a range of topics tailor made for you. Such as what is Emotional regulation, how to understand Anxiety and what to expect before, during and after a relocation. Please use our contact details to get in touch for more details.