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School FAQ on Boarding and Day Schools

What is the difference between being a boarder, weekly boarder and being a day student?

A boarding school is residential and the student stays on the premises throughout the school term attending classes, weekly boarder returns home on the weekend while a in a day school the student returns home after school hours.

What are the advantages of a day pupil?

A day pupil, inevitably will build a stronger bond with their parents from a young age and plant their roots faster in their community. School projects turn into home projects and parents are more hands on with their child and their school work. Emotional needs are usually met faster.

What are the advantages of being a boarder?

Children become independent sooner, have a stronger academic relationship with their peers and teacher and later find they are better prepared for university. In some cases, becoming a boarder gives the child more emotional and academic stability if home life is not.

At what age can my child begin boarding?

In the UK, boarding places are available from the age of 7, which can seem very young however generally children begin boarding from the age of 11, Year 9 or 10. However, it is an individual choice dependent on the family circumstances and yours to make with your child. Increasingly usual is for students to begin boarding during ‘A’ levels, Sixth Form or International Baccalaureate (IB) which is the IB program study from the age of 16.

Is boarding a fit for every child?

Interestingly no, as no child is the same. Simply put, some children are not ready to leave the home even though todays boarding schools are a very comfortable while other will take it like a duck to water and enjoy what is on offer like a full range of academic and social activities, such as STEAM and movie nights, games nights, excursion. In addition being in an environment contributes towards generating a sense of responsibility, team building and independence within a child.

Should I choose Co-Ed or Single Sex schooling?

It is a personal choice dependent on many factors, including cultural background, beliefs and there are plenty of options for both single sex and co-ed schools offering equally excellent facilities and education.

I have already chosen a school for my child, can you help me with the process of applying to the school?

Yes, we are more than happy to take it from there and complete all necessary paperwork that needs to be done on your behalf. Or if you are deciding between a couple of schools we can help you simplify the process. 

What is the average cost of boarding education and day school?

Annual fees range from £15,000 to £50,000 for boarders while day school can range between £5,000 – £20,000